Thursday, 1 September 2011

Dr Srikanths Diabetes

Dr. Srikanth's Diabetes Specialities Centre [DSDSC] is a renowned facility in Vijayawada specializing in Diabetes Prevention, Education, Treatment and Research.

The centre is headed by an eminent diabetologist Dr. M. Srikanth who is also a recipient of the prestigious Prof. M.Viswanathan gold medal award.
Specific Goals
The specific goals of the Dr. Srikanth's Diabetes Specialities Centre [DSDSC] are to:
    1. Educate people with diabetes, health care providers, and the general public about the challenges posed by diabetes
    2. Prevent the development of diabetes and its complications in those at risk
    3. Provide the best diabetes care
    4. Pursue research to cure and prevent diabetes and its complications.
                                                          DSDSC EQUIPMENT
Biosystems A25 Spain - Fully Auto Random Access Clinical Chemistry & Turbidometry Analyzer - First Diabetes hospital in Krishna District to have Biosystems A25

Chemistry Auto Analyzer [Stat Fax 3300], Awareness Technologies USA
Vascular Doppler Recorder VERSALAB LE with 8 MHz transducer and Toe Photo plethysmography (PPG)
Digital Biothesiometer for Neuropathy Assessment

HbA1c Analyzer [in2it], Boronate Affinity Chromatography Bio-Rad Laboratories USA - First hospital in krishna district to have both Biorad D10 and in2it


HbA1c Analyzer [D10], High Performance Liquid Chromatography Bio-Rad Laboratories USA - Second hospital in krishna district to have Biorad D10, Gold standard methodology in testing HbA1c